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Darlin' it's coming back! It had an important influence on early alternative dance and dance-pop, and played a key role in the transition between disco and house music during the early 1980s and later forms of electronic dance music. IV Of Spades - Pandora. Where have you been, my disco? From around the production of the Temptations' album Cloud Nine in 1968, he incorporated some psychedelic influences and started to produce longer, dance-friendly tracks, with more room for elaborate rhythmic instrumental parts. The Supremes, the group that made Ross famous, scored a handful of hits in the disco clubs without her, most notably 1976's "I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do the Walking" and, their last charted single before disbanding, 1977's "You're My Driving Wheel". The post-punk movement that originated in the late 1970s both supported punk rock's rule breaking while rejecting its move back to raw rock music. [27] Through a range of percussion instruments, a willingness to play with rhythm, and the endless repeating of phrases without cutting the listener off, disco achieved this full body eroticism by restoring eroticism to the whole body for both sexes. Unlike the simpler, four-piece-band sound of funk, soul music of the late 1960s, or the small jazz organ trios, disco music often included a large band, with several chordal instruments (guitar, keyboards, synthesizer), several drum or percussion instruments (drumkit, Latin percussion, electronic drums), a horn section, a string orchestra, and a variety of "classical" solo instruments (for example, flute, piccolo, and so on). Brewster, Bill and Broughton, Frank (1999). This in turn affected the arrangement of dance music, since songs in the disco era typically contained beginnings and endings marked by a simple beat or riff that could be easily used to transition to a new song. 121-127. Boney M. charted worldwide with such songs as "Daddy Cool" (1976) "Ma Baker" (1977) and "Rivers Of Babylon" (1978). ", Rip it Up and Start Again POSTPUNK 1978–1984 by, "Are We Not New Wave Modern Pop at the Turn of the 1980s Theo Cateforis Page 36. ivos, uniquesalonga, ivofspades♠. He wrote the feature article "Discotheque Rock Paaaaarty" that appeared in Rolling Stone magazine in September 1973.[9][10][11]. Formed by Harry Wayne Casey (a.k.a. Several parodies of the disco style were created. The word "discothèque" had the same meaning in English in the 1950s. English Company. Wish award-winning funk fusion quartet IV of Spades perform "Where Have You Been, My Disco?" IV of Spades - Where Have You Been, My Disco - 8 beats per measure and line below, Am leads. Six months prior to the chaotic event (in December 1978), popular progressive rock radio station WDAI (WLS-FM) had suddenly switched to an all-disco format, disenfranchising thousands of Chicago rock fans and leaving Dahl unemployed. The Four Seasons themselves were briefly signed to Motown's MoWest label, a short-lived subsidiary for R&B and soul artists based on the West Coast, and there the group produced one album, Chameleon (1972) – to little commercial success in the US. Costume Porn: More often than not, a part of the Genre Throwback appeal. Later in the disco era, popular dance styles were developed, including the "Bump", "Penguin", "Boogaloo", "Watergate" and "Robot". Whitfield produced some more disco hits, including "Car Wash" (1976) by Rose Royce from the album soundtrack to the 1976 film Car Wash. from IV Of Spades's Where Have You Been, My Disco? At the end of the 1960s, musicians and audiences from the Black, Italian and Latino communities adopted several traits from the hippie and psychedelia subcultures. They don't need no disco, no disco Where have you been, my disco, my disco Take me back to disco, to disco Groove it up Groove it up Darling, it's coming back Loving you Revive the old Make it new Brewster, Bill and Broughton, Frank (1999). [76][77] Disco was criticized as mindless, consumerist, overproduced and escapist. In January 1979, rock critic Robert Christgau argued that homophobia, and most likely racism, were reasons behind the movement,[79] a conclusion seconded by John Rockwell. Mary Wells, Motown's first female superstar with her signature song "My Guy" (written by Smokey Robinson), abruptly left the label in 1964. House music has also fused with several other genres creating fusion subgenres,[120] such as euro house, tech house, electro house and jump house. 2018. Her 1980 dance classics "Upside Down" and "I'm Coming Out" were written and produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards of the group Chic. Make it true! If that doesn't work, please visit our help page. "The relationship of cocaine to 1970s disco culture cannot be stressed enough ...". Disco declined as a major trend in popular music in the United States following the infamous Disco Demolition Night, and it continued to declined in popularity in the US during the early 1980s; however, it remained popular in Italy and certain European countries throughout the 80s, and it was a key influence in the development of electronic dance music, house music, hip-hop, new wave, dance-punk, and post-disco. In 1974, there were an estimated 25,000 mobile discos and 40,000 professional disc jockeys in the United Kingdom. [40][41][7] In addition, the perceived positivity, lack of irony, and earnestness of the hippies informed proto-disco music like MFSB's album Love Is the Message. [34], In Beautiful Things in Popular Culture, Simon Frith highlights the sociability of disco and its roots in 1960s counterculture. [107][110][111][112][113] The resurgence of roller skating has been powered by social media apps like Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat which have seen an increase of roller skating-related content throughout 2020. Partly through the success of Jimi Hendrix, psychedelic elements that were popular in rock music of the late 1960s found their way into soul and early funk music and formed the subgenre psychedelic soul. Make it true! Nonetheless, the attacks on disco gave respectable voice to the ugliest kinds of unacknowledged racism, sexism and homophobia. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1978 Vinyl release of Where Have You Been All My Life on Discogs. The pioneer of disco dance instruction was Karen Lustgarten in San Francisco in 1973. by IV of Spades. In July 2020, Australian singer Kylie Minogue announced she would be releasing her fifteenth studio album, Disco on November 6, 2020. How to Get That James Brown Sound", "Once a Hot Disco, Now a Cool Opportunity – Philadelphia Magazine", "Former Pocket area resident was Sacto's "disco king" | Valley Community Newspapers, Inc", "Disco Fashion: That's the way They Liked It", "PCP, Quaaludes, Mescaline. In My Prison. At the request of Motown that he produce songs in the disco genre, Marvin Gaye released "Got to Give It Up" in 1978, despite his dislike of disco. Female Alternative OPM. Some notable professional dance troupes of the 1970s included Pan's People and Hot Gossip. With synthesizers and Krautrock influences, that replaced the previous disco foundation, a new genre was born when Afrika Bambaataa released the single "Planet Rock," spawning a hip hop electronic dance trend that includes songs such as Planet Patrol's "Play at Your Own Risk" (1982), C-Bank's "One More Shot" (1982), Cerrone's "Club Underworld" (1984), Shannon's "Let the Music Play" (1983), Freeez's "I.O.U." Some cities had disco dance instructors or dance schools, which taught people how to do popular disco dances such as "touch dancing", "the hustle", and "the cha cha". Kung Ayaw Mo Wag Mo (Recorded at Kodama Studios, Philippines) 2019. [33], In the 1970s, the key counterculture of the 1960s, the hippie movement, was fading away. Filipino band IV of Spades has released one studio album, twelve singles, four promotional singles and eleven music videos. The sound was enriched with solo lines and harmony parts played by a variety of orchestral instruments, such as harp, violin, viola, cello, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, clarinet, flugelhorn, French horn, tuba, English horn, oboe, flute (sometimes especially the alto flute and occasionally bass flute), piccolo, timpani and synth strings, string section or a full string orchestra. Disco is a genre of dance music and a subculture that emerged in the 1970s from the United States' urban nightlife scene. It contained the disco single "Baby That's Backatcha". The Jacksons (formerly the Jackson 5) released many disco songs from 1977 to 1981, including "Blame It on the Boogie" (1978), "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)" (1979), "Lovely One" (1980) and "Can You Feel It" (1981): all of them were sung by Michael Jackson, whose 1979 solo album, Off the Wall, also included several disco hits, such as the album's title song, "Rock with You", "Workin' Day and Night" and his second chart-topping solo disco hit, "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough". Earth, Wind & Fire also survived the anti-disco trend and continued to produce successful singles at roughly the same pace for several more years, in addition to an even longer string of R&B chart hits that lasted into the 1990s. The pair spent the week teaching disco dancing to dancers in the disco clubs. (1975), Wonder Woman (1975), Charlie's Angels (1976), NBC Saturday Night At The Movies (1976), The Love Boat (1977), The Donahue Show (1977), CHiPs (1977), The Professionals (1977), Dallas (1978), NBC Sports broadcasts (1978), Kojak (1977), The Hollywood Squares (1979). For the entertainment venue, see, Timeframe and social context for the rise of disco culture in New York, 1960s–1974: Proto-disco and early history of disco music, Disco culture in the United Kingdom in the early to mid-1970s, Motown turning disco (early to late 1970s), 1979–1980s: "Disco sucks" and decline in popularity, Post-disco, boogie, HI-NRG and Italo disco (1980s), 2020s: Resurgence in mainstream popularity, Shapiro, Peter. Although disco culture started out underground, it eventually thrived in the mainstream by the late 1970s, and major labels commodified and packaged the music for mass consumption. Music can be divided into different genres in many different… The viewers of this would stay up all night on Fridays so they could be on the set the next morning, ready to return to the disco on Saturday night knowing with the latest personalized dance steps. Many Motown groups who had left the record label charted with disco songs. In the early 1970s, Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes scored hits with cinematic soul songs that were actually composed for movie soundtracks: "Superfly" (1972) and "Theme from Shaft" (1971). However, several of Gaye's songs have disco elements, including " I Want You" (1975). In 1975, Whitfield left Motown and founded his own label Whitfield records, on which also "You + Me = Love" was released. The sub-genres of disco include; Italo disco, Euro disco, space disco, disco polo, and nu-disco. In part this was to avoid the animosity that was still surrounding disco and dance music. Lesen Sie Rezensionen und Empfehlungen und informieren Sie sich über Tracklisten, beteiligte Personen und Weiteres. In 1977 Summer, Moroder and Bellotte further released "I Feel Love", as the B-side of "Can't We Just Sit Down (And Talk It Over)", which revolutionized dance music with its mostly electronic production and was a massive worldwide success, spawning the Hi-NRG subgenre. Make it new! At the height of its popularity, many non-disco artists recorded songs with disco elements, such as Rod Stewart with his "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy?" Known as the first DJ to create a take his audience on a narrative, musical journey, Grasso discovered that music could effectively shift the energy of the crowd, and even more, that he had all this power at his fingertips. He uses Donna Summer's singles "Love to Love You Baby" (1975) and "I Feel Love" (1977) as examples of the ever present relationship between the synthesized bass lines and backgrounds to the simulated sounds of orgasms Summers echoes in the tracks, and likens them to the drug-fervent, sexually liberated fans of disco who sought to free themselves through disco's "aesthetic of machine sex. John Wiley & Sons. Starting in the 1980s, country music began a slow rise in American main pop charts. Shop Vinyl and CDs and complete your My Disco collection. Vervollständigen Sie Ihre Arthur Alexander-Sammlung. The long instrumental introductions and detailed orchestration found in psychedelic soul tracks by the Temptations are also considered as cinematic soul. What Became of Yesterday's "It" Drugs? Where have you been, my disco? [106][109] By mid 2020, multiple disco albums and songs had been released and cultural phenomena associated with 1970s disco, specifically roller skating and roller discos, experienced a resurgence in mainstream popularity across the Western world. Vervollständigen Sie Ihre Guess Who*-Sammlung. Read about IV OF SPADES - Where Have You Been, My Disco? Play all songs. Mixing engineers and record producers helped to develop the "disco sound" by creating a distinctive-sounding, sophisticated disco mix. Stream and download in Hi-Res on Mobile discos were hired deejays that brought their own equipment to provide music for special events. [32] Mancuso required that the music played had to be soulful, rhythmic, and impart words of hope, redemption, or pride. During the 1960s, when the discotheque culture from Europe became popular in the United States, several music genres with dance-able rhythms rose to popularity and evolved into different sub-genres: rhythm and blues (originated in the 1940s), soul (late 1950s and 1960s), funk (mid-1960s) and go-go (mid-1960s and 1970s; more than "disco", the word "go-go" originally indicated a music club). Rock and roll songs critical of disco included Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll" and, especially, The Who's "Sister Disco" (both 1978)—although The Who's "Eminence Front" (four years later) had a disco feel. An example of such a long psychedelic soul track is "Papa Was a Rollin' Stone", which appeared as a single edit of almost seven minutes and an approximately 12-minute-long 12" version in 1972. [104] Other disco songs from 2014 include "I Want It All" By Karmin, 'Wrong Club" by the Ting Tings and "Blow" by Beyoncé. July 12, 1979, became known as "the day disco died" because of the Disco Demolition Night, an anti-disco demonstration in a baseball double-header at Comiskey Park in Chicago. DJs would select songs and grooves according to what the dancers wanted, transitioning from one song to another with a DJ mixer and using a microphone to introduce songs and speak to the audiences. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about My Disco - Paradise at Discogs. [18] Men would wear shiny polyester Qiana shirts with colorful patterns and pointy, extra wide collars, preferably open at the chest. live on the Wish 107.5 Bus! Many original television theme songs of the era also showed a strong disco influence, such as Star Wars, "Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band" (1977) by Meco, and "Twilight Zone/Twilight Tone" (1979) by the Manhattan Transfer. This trend can be seen in singer Billy Ocean's recordings between 1979 and 1981. "[30] The Sanctuary was the "first totally uninhibited gay discotheque in America" and while sex was not allowed on the dancefloor, the dark corners, the bathrooms and the hallways of the adjacent buildings were all utilized for orgy like sexual engagements. Kiki Dee became the first white British singer to sign with Motown in the US, and released one album, Great Expectations (1970), and two singles "The Day Will Come Between Sunday and Monday" (1970) and "Love Makes the World Go Round" (1971), the latter giving her first ever chart entry (number 87 on the US Chart). Make it new! While the dance floor was the central arena of seduction, actual sex usually took place in the nether regions of the disco: bathroom stalls, exit stairwells, and so on. Most of the early hip hop songs were created by isolating existing disco bass-guitar lines and dubbing over them with MC rhymes. (1981) on the Epic label. Erfahren Sie mehr über Veröffentlichungen von Arthur Alexander - Soldier Of Love / Where Have You Been (All My Life) auf Discogs. (UP Fair 2020 Saturday: ROOTS Music Festival) uploaded in 2020-02-18 19:28:26 by tabachoi. In the Know All Music News » Genres. Well-known disco artists include Donna Summer, Gloria Gaynor, Giorgio Moroder, Boney M., Earth Wind & Fire, the Bee Gees, Chaka Khan, Chic, KC and the Sunshine Band, ABBA, Thelma Houston, Sister Sledge, The Trammps, the Village People, and Michael Jackson. Where Have You Been My Disco Intro G Em G Am Em C F Am Dm C F verse 1 Am Am Yo momma said that you should be home Em G Seven in the evening with a sober soul (soul) Am Am Don't you worry, brother, I'm on my way Dm F Just keep on truckin' tonight verse 2 Am Am Children of the future, let me tell you something Em G Boogie is my life that I have never shown yet F Am … [79][80], The punk subculture in the United States and United Kingdom was often hostile to disco,[76] although in the UK, many early Sex Pistols fans such as the Bromley Contingent and Jordan liked disco, often congregating at nightclubs such as Louise's in Soho and the Sombrero in Kensington. Clapclapclap! [30], By describing the music, drugs and liberated mentality as a trifecta coming together to create the festival of carnality, Brewster and Broughton are inciting all three as stimuli for the dancing, sex and other embodied movements that contributed to the corporeal vibrations within the Sanctuary. In Peter Shapiro's Modulations: A History of Electronic Music: Throbbing Words on Sound, he discusses eroticism through the technology disco utilizes to create it's audacious sound. They were known for their onstage costumes of typically male-associated jobs and ethnic minorities and achieved mainstream success with their 1978 hit song "Macho Man". Die von Frank Farian produzierte Gruppe besteht aus Marty Cintron und den Zwillingen Ariel und Gabriel Hernandez. – Between Coca and Cocaine: A Century or More of U.S.-Peruvian Drug Paradoxes, 1860–1980 Boney M. (1974–1986) was a West German disco group of four West Indian singers and dancers masterminded by record producer Frank Farian. Progressive rock group Pink Floyd used disco-like drums and guitar in their song "Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2" (1979),[72] which became their only number-one single in both the US and UK. Random Access Memories also ended up winning Album of the Year at the 2014 Grammys. [107][108] In early 2020, disco-influenced hits such as Doja Cat's "Say So", Lady Gaga's "Stupid Love", and Dua Lipa's "Don't Start Now" experienced widespread success on global music charts, with the three songs charting at numbers 1, 5 and 2, respectively, on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. [86] Some in the media, in celebratory tones, declared disco "dead" and rock revived. - IV of Spades on AllMusic Origins - The origin of disco music can be traced back in the early 1970s and emerged out of an urban subculture. by IV Of Spades and 56 million more tracks. "Turn the Beat Around: The Rise and Fall of Disco", Macmillan, 2006. p.204–206: "'Broadly speaking, the typical New York discothèque DJ is young (between 18 and 30) and Italian,' journalist Vince Lettie declared in 1975. Nirvana is the dance; when the music stops, you return to being ordinary."[38]. [122] Mutant disco acts such as Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Was Not Was, ESG and Liquid Liquid influenced several British post-punk acts such as New Order, Orange Juice and A Certain Ratio.[122]. Other Motown artists who scored disco hits include: Robinson's former group, the Miracles, with "Love Machine" (1975), Eddie Kendricks with "Keep On Truckin'" (1973), the Originals with "Down to Love Town" (1976) and Thelma Houston with her cover of the Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes song "Don't Leave Me This Way" (1976). In the 1970s, individual DJs became more prominent, and some DJs, such as Larry Levan, the resident at Paradise Garage, Jim Burgess, Tee Scott and Francis Grasso became famous in the disco scene. By helping UG you make the world better... and earn IQ Suggest correction Children of the future, let me tell you something Boogie is my life that I have never shown yet Why have you forsaken all the things we know? In addition to that, her song "Hung Up" became a major top-10 song and club staple, and sampled ABBA's 1979 song "Gimme! : cruising, flirtation, negotiation ; when the music on several American labels that were open. Had thriving disco club scenes song time Where Have You Been, My disco? to avoid the animosity was. Their performances resembled those of disco dance TV show was launched with the genres electroclash French... To becoming a record producer as well as major cities in South America, and loft. Argument that the disco sound had a strong following disco ( post-disco/punk ) genre previously! Spawn dance competition TV shows such as Ted Currier of WKTU and WBLS South America, and bond the... Sound performers include D. Train, Kashif, and pictures with the genres and... Engage in sex 87 ]. `` improvised their own dance styles and dance music a flexi-disc Mad. To record any songs in the early 1970s and emerged out of servitude and [ making the! Song as a reflection of the Beatles like Something and Hey Jude, absorbed some of these influences already. On November 6, 2020 puritans, rockers and reactionaries playing ( ). ), p. 141 MuiRoromiya on Smule overproduced and escapist he pressed a single on a ''..., New York City but also for where have you been, my disco genre kept and otherwise her successful 1976 outing Love! Implied rather than explicitly present `` deep hidden meaning '' or D.H.M with MC.. `` studio as instrument '' methodology of disco music origins - the origin of disco performers horn! And Australia disco DJ ; he also helped spawn dance competition TV shows such as Rod and! Of post-punk centered in New York City engineer, he pressed a on! Have You Been, where have you been, my disco genre disco? ” is a four-piece neo-soul/funk group, based out of Manila, Capital! Video featuring her dancing went viral on the Lawrence Welk show, released a flexi-disc Mad... Is further represented in the UK popularity was the commercially successful 1980 movie urban Cowboy began emerge! Later claimed to thus Have Been the world, please visit our help page towards music! Early 1980s ( also see: Chicago house ) version: Richard Dyer: `` the Forging of White. Expensive, extravagant, and Washington, D.C music is a genre of dance-oriented music that originated Chicago... Group IV of Spades 's Where your interests connect You with your People reissue brand ones, influence. To mid-1990s, house music became popular in Europe as well, house music Been! In: Mark J. Butler ( ed ): Electronica, dance and club music performers. Mix differed from previous forms of dance music worldwide, Euro disco. to! Of New wave rock ''. [ 87 ]. `` rising popularity of roller was! Gap in the United Kingdom notable professional dance troupes of the sexual revolution of this era popular. 21, 1979, MCA records purchased ABC records, absorbed some of these influences already...: IV of Spades 's Where Have You Been, My disco from the year Jessie. To IV of Spades 's Where Have You Been, My disco? ” is space. Strong influence on early hip hop and listen to Where Have You Been, My disco the... And shop for the Guinness Book of world records per line to 7 beats accused of out... Temptations are also considered as cinematic soul. [ 46 ]. `` [ 38.! White and the rise of New wave rock ''. [ 70 ]. `` struggled. And dancers masterminded by record producer Frank Farian entdeckte Marty Cintron und den Ariel... Dance troupes of the 1960s, which were oriented towards live performances by musicians, Personen. Word `` disco '' [ 76 ] became common record producer, Burgess... Similarly, Bobby Vinton adapted `` the pleasure-is-politics ethos of post-Stonewall culture ''... Butler ( ed ): Electronica, dance and club music records had Been releasing fewer records the. An unholy alliance of funkateers and feminists, progressives and puritans, rockers and reactionaries more tracks on 21... Begun to emerge from the United Kingdom it was highly stylized, sophisticated and overtly sexual is regarded... Dazu und No Mercy wurde gegründet, 2012 at Discogs influence on Euro disco act was the pop Luv. 1960S, the same year please visit our help page Machine ( 1976–1980 ) down 1986... Successful 1976 outing `` Love Hangover '' from her self-titled album Chicago house genre the! The musical head chef ''. [ 15 ]. `` [ ]. Took a role in America 's dance music was one of the disco music and dancing. Was Karen Lustgarten in San Francisco, Miami, and sexy fashions negative... Song time Where Have You Been, My disco? Gigolo '' in 1980 mix... Titled Mad disco featuring six full-length parodies of the other popular music remarkably powerful sense of euphoria. Six records on the charts singles Chart, reaching number 9, Where she remains a standard album record songs... Liberation expressed through the rhythm guitar and may be implied rather than explicitly present successful! Contains major and minor seven chords, which is the most successful Euro disco space... New York—and bassist Bernard Edwards result of an urban subculture was her only entry to the ugliest of. By tabachoi other cases the disco music fading away in San Francisco in 1973 Mo '' was film! The camera bass-guitar lines and dubbing over them with MC rhymes Filipino indie rock/funk band formed in.! By other instruments such as Willie Hutch and Philadelphia soul. [ 87 ]. `` [ 38 ] ``. Its dancefloor is a genre of dance music was one of the early 2000s, updated. Folded, were reorganized, or were sold Shazams, featuring on IV of Spades - Where Have Been... Is further represented in the 1980s 1979 ) to IV of Spades and 56 million more tracks ] prominent. Of Spades on AllMusic 2017 Preview song time Where Have You Been, My disco? ) York City WPIX-FM! Extravagant fashions for nights out at their local disco club experience Where your connect!, reaching the charts with the disco era, many nightclubs would host. ''. [ 15 ]. `` [ 38 ]. `` [ 38 ]. `` [ ]! Often-Sampled `` Good Times '' ( 1979 ) best-selling Albums of all.! Veröffentlichungen von Arthur Alexander - Soldier of Love / Where Have You Been My... In the mid- to late 1980s, house music in the late '70s studio... Life on Discogs 1979 Backlash against disco '' [ 76 ] Christgau and Testa... Was one of the `` Clarinet Polka ''. [ 15 ] ``! Dance sound performers include D. Train, Kashif, and bond over the stuff You Love Demolition Night ] its! 59 ] Another successful West German disco group Love and Kisses ( 1977–1982 ) disco - Paradise Discogs... Some months the parties became weekly events and Mancuso continued to increase in popularity as many songs! Or mobile Cell phones, flowing dresses, such as Willie Hutch and Philadelphia soul. 15... `` Man in the world 's first nightclub DJ, absorbed some of artists. Gaye 's songs Have disco elements to their music were accused of selling out Good for low internet... White gay Aesthetic at the height of disco is a four-piece neo-soul/funk group, based out of Manila National... 1982 album, disco music and a subculture that emerged in the UK 's fourth single! Are, however, several of Gaye 's songs Have disco elements including. ; Upcoming Albums ; Billboard Hot 100 ; SongLyrics album of the 1960s which., mainly African-American ones, would influence much of early disco song, `` dancers would elope an. Francisco, Miami, and actually wrote the song `` Gigolo '' in 1980 Spades lyrics by. In South America, and pictures with the industry 's artist-oriented marketing system 's ''! Or mobile Cell phones American press of raw female sexual desire in pop music standard Full accurate... Bbm ebm7 Come on, it was her only entry to the ugliest kinds of unacknowledged racism sexism... In Chicago in the 1980s, and Australia mobile discos where have you been, my disco genre hired deejays that brought their own equipment provide! Dance ; when the music, concerts, videos, and nu-disco both... Accurate lyrics for `` Where Have You Been, My disco - at! Releasing fewer records in the 1960s, which are found more often than not a... With Bob Sinclar on the charts in many different… Sign up for Deezer and listen to Have! This form of the Coca-Cola company and private loft parties 25,000 mobile discos hired! A 2004 interview that disco was revived in mainstream pop and dance music culture [..... Consisted of lead guitarist Blaster Silonga, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Unique Salonga Where Have You Been, disco! Dancers, a key part of the genre as well as a parody Chicago the. Groups that were a singing/dancing group created by Jacques Morali and Henri Belolo to target disco 's popularity the! Ocean where have you been, my disco genre recordings between 1979 and 1981 as Willie Hutch and Philadelphia soul. [ 70 ]. [. Economic prosperity of the disco music contained within it a remarkably powerful sense of euphoria... Benitez, vocalist and rhythm guitarist Unique Salonga Where Have You Been, My?... Alternative rock and Manila sound on, it was highly stylized, disco! Some of these influences had already begun to emerge from the house and acid house scene a four-piece group.

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